The sweet marvel of wellhealthorganic.com:jaggery-with-incredible-health-benefits. This natural sweetener has several effective benefits that can have an impact on your blood sugar levels or heart health and even weight loss. Read on for a tour through the world of health, nutrition, and healing through a little-understood but highly strong ingredient. Taste the delight of living this life and feed your soul with the knowledge of nature that all the attractive gifts of the earth hold.

Nutritional Profile of Jaggery

It can be viewed as a nutritional supplement later it covers several required microelements.

Calories 100 grams (half a cup) of jaggery has approximately 383 calories.
Carbohydrates It contains approximately 65–85 grams of sucrose, and 10–15 grams of fructose and glucose.
Protein It provides 0. 4 grams of protein
Fat It contains 0. 1 grams of fat
Iron Jaggery is also a source of iron, has 11mg or 61% RD of iron
Magnesium It provides 70-90 mg, which is around 20% of the RD.

Health Benefits of Jaggery

Health Benefits of Jaggery

Rich Source of Minerals

Energetic minerals present in Jaggery include Iron which is necessary for the production of haemoglobin and Magnesium which is involved in more than 300 metabolic processes in the body. Potassium assists with maintaining low blood pressure and manganese is important in bone formation part and metabolism.

Rich Source of Minerals

Boosts Immunity

It has also been found that the food of jaggery also helps boost the immune system and is safe for the body from diseases and infections. Phenolic acids are also involved in the decrease of oxidative stress and are involved in these antioxidants.

Boosts Immunity

Improves Digestion

Sweetener Jaggery also helps in digestion and stops constipation by exciting the digestion enzymes. It also helps in the diet by removing the liver and washing out toxic substances from the body.

Natural Sweetener

Jaggery is a natural sweetener in which sugar is replaced and it is healthier than the advanced sugar which is consumed today. It offers a reasonable energy level lift which is want of a quick rise in the blood glucose level as with white sugar.

Cleanses the Body

Cleaning skills are careful to be one of the biggest benefits of jaggery intake. It washes the lung system, large and small guts, stomach, and food pipe, among others. Jaggery is more beneficial for those who are working in areas having restricted air quality.

Aids in Weight Management

While jaggery is very close to sugar in terms of calorie value, its developed nutritional profile makes it an excellent tool to manage weight. It can cater to sweet cravings with a lesser amount, which can go a long way in managing the size of their bodies.

Enhances Haemoglobin Levels

The attendance of iron in jaggery makes it suitable for Anaemic patients to take for improved health. It helps raise the hemoglobin level in the bloodstream so that more oxygen is transported by the blood.

Alleviates Joint Pain

The regular feeding of jaggery cuts joint care because it contributes to the development of strong bones and joints. Some experts suggest the use for older persons with swelling.

Helps Skin Health

There are a number of benefits of using Jaggery for the skin. the skin the antiaging personalities of this product stop the formation of wrinkles the antioxidant properties improve the health of the skin and decrease the formation of marks.

Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing

At WellHealthOrganic.com in line with our policy at Great, we aim at sustainability in the source of raw materials in our production of jaggery products thus promoting quality and ethics. Through farmers and cooperatives buying and selling, our business also improves food security and sustainable farming methods. Every time you buy our products you get not only value for your health but also for the health of communities and our planet.


Learn all about wellhealthorganic.com:jaggery-with-incredible-health-benefits and how it will improve your health jaggery. This is a sweetener that is a result of natural sources has a lot of minerals, strengthens the immunity system helps in digestion, and clears in the body. It also functions as a natural sweetener for foods and gives a pure energy rush. Get familiar with jaggery benefits that will change your health for the better.

It helps to reduce weight and increase the level of hemoglobin gives relief to joint pains, and is good for the skin wellhealthorganic.com:jaggery-with-incredible-health-benefits is devoted to sustainability and the fair source of elements for better food security and farm methods helping the customers and our earth.


  • Q. How does jaggery help in increasing the immunity level?

A. Jaggery includes phenolic acids, which are antioxidants that assist in avoid oxidative stress and boosting the immunity to aid fight infections and diseases.

  • Q. Can jiggery helpful in maintaining good digestion?

A. Yes, Jaggery acts on the digestive and gives a wash to the liver, thereby improving digestion and medicine or any problem related to it including irregularity.

  • Q. Is jaggery better for you than white processed sugar?

A. part from being a natural sweetener, jaggery contains minerals and nutrients which gives its a better position to superior sugar and has no effect of rising the blood sugar level too quickly

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