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Prerna Alternatives

Prerna alternatives is a portal launched by the Government of Uttar Pradesh. its objective is mainly to increase the quality of teaching in the schools of the state. By means of this portal, it is compulsory for education to be offered to school children with a focus on the skills necessary for the effective gaining of knowledge. You should check out the full page to get more information about Mission Prerna Alternatives. 

In this article, we explore more about Prerna Alternatives, the process to log in to Prerna Alternatives, the Objectives Of Prerna, the process of registration in Prerna, and benefits. Read this article to the end.  

What is Mission Prerna

Mission Prerna is a website of the Government of Uttar Pradesh. The main mission of Prerna is to empower women as well as improve learning outcomes in government schools. Prerna comes under the Uttar Pradesh scheme. You can easily apply online. Without any gender or background imbalance, Mission Prerna Alternatives helps students with a good quality of education. Mission Prerna serves as a personal guide for students.

Objectives of Motivation

The Government of Uttar Pradesh has taken steps to achieve certain specific objectives.

Launched Mission Prerna portal. Those objectives are mentioned below:

  • Prerna aims to improve the quality of school education.
  • Prerna helps the Uttar Pradesh department to improve the quality of their instruction.
  • Prerna aims motivate students to continue their further education.
  • Prerna aims to improve children’s skills to register in government organizations in Grade 1.

Prerna Student Registration Process

To enroll yourself on the Prerna Student Registration Portal, here are some steps to follow-

Step 1:, visit the official website of the

Step 2: After reaching the main page of the portal simply select the “Student Corner Option”.

Step 3: Now 2 options are shown on the screen, e-Lesson and Education Material. Choose between them.

Step 4: If you choose the e-path shala option, select the Class option for the chapter explanation and solution.

Step 5: If you want to check the course content, select the Class Selection option.

Step 6: A new page will open in your browser.

Step 7: Daily lesson plans are mentioned there, just select the topic with one click.

Step 8: Then you can read all the teaching materials. That includes books, videos, etc.

Step 9: If you choose the Teaching Materials option, select the Search option and enter Subject and Topic.

These are the motivation for all students steps to register themselves on student registration

The Process to Log In Mission Prerna

To log in to the, you need to follow the steps given below-

Step 1– Go to the official website of

Step 2– Select the “Student Login” option to register yourself on the as a new student.

Step 3– Add your details, seeking inspiration.

Step 4– After this, enter the confirmation code. Now submit it by clicking on the submit button.

Step 5– Enter the OTP and verify the OTP.

Step 6- Now that your account is complete, you can also apply for the scholarship.

These are the steps to log in to the portal.

Steps to Log In as a UP Mission Prerna Teacher

Teachers log in below few steps to log in to Prerna-

Step 1- Visit the official site of

Step 2– Select the login button.

Step 3– Now the logging form will be shown, add the required requirements.

Step 4- Click on the “Proceed” button and now you are all done.

After following these steps, you can easily log in to Prerna Teacher.

Prerna Alternatives 

Prerna alternatives is an educational interference in Uttar Pradesh that aims to improve the learning achievement of children. It fears the performance of new education and learning plans, the facility of technical tools, and the expert development of educators. As stated, the program focuses on student learning and main focus on the areas of learning and skill.

It also joins technical solutions for modified learning and monitors learning achievements through formative tests. Prerna alternatives its search it aims at attacking education differences expressed in the rural areas and ensuring equal education to students. It struggles to attain a just and effective device for sending education through the extent of the state.

Benefits of Mission Prerna

Here are the advantages of the given below-

  • Prerna quality education to students.
  • Prerna provides employment opportunities to students.
  • There is no gender or background imbalance, all students are equal in motivation
  • Prerna provides individual guidance to children so that they can continue further education


Education is the key to success, education provides sections to fly. Prerna is a portal published by the Government of Uttar Pradesh to encourage women. The purpose of Mission Prerna is to influence students to continue their further education. Prerna also aims to bridge the gap in schools for girls. It is an online platform, which gives support to both teachers and students.

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